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We carry and create many types and styles of posts .

These are just a few examples of some of what we offer.
Franklin Iron Works
Custom Wrought Iron Specialists
Verdigris Antiquing
Price List                                               Installed                        W/out install

Small mailbox and post                         $ 320.00                           $230.00

Medium mailbox and post                     $3
30.00                                $240.00

Jumbo mailbox
with Corinthian Post                               $515.00                               $425.00

w/out Corinthian Post                             $430.00                               $340.00

If you are placing your order outside of the local Nashville TN area, please use the prices listed
under w/out install. These prices do not reflect the added shipping cost.

Sales tax is 9.25% on all orders for mailboxes

Antiquing is an addition cost:
$30.00 on Small posts
$50.00 on the Jumbo posts

Sign plate graphics are available for a charge of $24.00
                Designs for bottom corner bracket

Oak Leaf Design 1                                              Oak Leaf Design 2
Pontalba Design 1                                                Pontalba Design 2
Rose Design
Ivy leaf Design
Small Oak Leaf Design #2
Our most popular!
These are the boxes that we have on site here at the shop.